How to Install Concrete Roof Tiles

Installing concrete tile roof is quite a laborious and difficult process which needs great preparation and planning before the actual installation. Be it you are replacing a roof which is damaged or installing a brand new roof, you need be aware of how to do it technique. Below is a guideline on how to install concrete roof tiles.

  1. Project planning

At this stage there are some aspects which you put into consideration. The first factor is the tile type you would like to use but for this case its concrete tiles. What you should consider at this phase is the tiles color as some are prone to fading faster as compared to others.

Also as you think of working on a tile roof just like any other roof type safety should be part of your preparations. Safety in this context would mean someone to aid in holding in place the ladder while you are working and also be able to pass you the tools you need for the work. While cutting any material use glasses to avoid any object from getting into the eye.

At the preparation stage also gather all materials and tools which you would need in a single place to cut on time which you would spend descending the ladder each time to go pick. Attach the diamond blade for cutting on the saw. Cross check the roofing kit ascertaining that anything that would be needed is in place.


  1. Get the installation work started

The following steps are involved in this phase:


  • Removing the former roofing if any.


  • Installation of underlayment


Position at one roof’s side a roll of underlayment perpendicular to roof’s eave. Roll the underway while keeping bottom edge in line with eave’s edge maintaining it above any synthetic or metal edging which may cover eave’s border.

Secure laid underlayment using nails at a separation distance of 24’’ interval. The nails to be at least 2’’ above the roof edge.

At the roof end cut the roll of underlayment such that it matches edges then secure using nails.


  • Actual installation of tiles


Install battens

Battens are the thin material strips either plastic metal or wood about 2’’ wide and 1’’ thick placed horizontal alongside the roof’s length. They are used on roofs with steep slopes for holding the tiles. Concrete tiles come with hook which hangs on such battens. In order to determine the spacing between battens, test it using tow tiles. After determining the distance maintain it.


Install tiles

Start your tiles installation on one side then move alongside roof’s length. If there are no battens, nail directly the tiles into sheathing. But if battens are already installed first nail into battens then tiles then using clips anchor onto the battens the tiles. For interlocking tiles, nail tiles to battens or sheathing.


For tight spots cut the tiles

Obstacles such as chimneys will find their way and with tiles they will be cut such that they fit around those areas tightly. And also each row’s end tiles will also be cut.


Ridge tiles installation

After tiles installation on roof’s broad surface the tops need special capping with ridge tiles. Ridge tiles are round in shape and as per their design they can either be laid in overlapping or end-to-end style.

Before you consider going for roofing using concrete tiles it is recommended that you consult roofing contractor professional because an error made while installing or choosing the material type to work with can mess you up. Concrete tiles work well for severe weather and also the material is durable generally.

This roofing type as well is wind resistant as well as resistant to hail damage allowing slow to easily slide off especially if a smooth textured file is gone for.

There are some mistakes which you should avoid as you install roofing of concrete tiles especially if doing it by yourself. They include:


Placing of the tiles. It is the main cause of error during tile’s installation whereby tiles are placed in such a way that they overlap improperly. Such error may lead to rain or windblown snow damaging the roof.


Choice of concrete tiles in terms of weight. Choosing tiles which are very light in weight is risky as although they are more expensive compared to standard tiles but then they are very fragile. For the lightweight in cases where the roof needs repair or else maintenance may get damaged or even cracked during heavy rains. Consult a professional to advice on the ideal option as per your structure.

The area to be roofed. Concrete tiles type of roofing is never the best choice to go if intending to roof either an area which is complex or small. This is because concrete tile roofing is quite difficult among other roofing types and therefore, with such areas a lot of cutting is required which might be difficult and also increase cost of looking for the special equipment to perform such. With such areas additionally, it’s hard to install batten underlayment. Also the tiles should not be worked on when the weather is wet although it supports vast temperatures as in wet weather it is quite slippery.

Post maintenance. If the roof you are installing no much attention would be give after installation, do not go for concrete tiles roofing type. This is because concrete tiles tend to fade very fast and therefore need installation of replacement tiles after some time.

Tourism 1

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Farmington began as a family settlement in the late 1790s when the area that is now Missouri was under Spanish rule. From those early days of Missouri statehood and Farmingtons incorporation as a county seat village, the City of Farmington has become a thriving municipality of more than 14,000 people with a diversified and solidly-based economy.
Major department stores, specialty shops, restaurants and professional offices are found primarily in four areas of the city: Maple Valley Center, Highway 67, Karsch Boulevard, and downtown Farmington. The businesses located along these corridors provide the goods and services that make Farmington a regional shopping center that meets the needs of people in St. Francois and surrounding counties.
Farmington is home to well-kept stately residences along tree-lined streets. The cooperative involvement of individuals, businesses, civic clubs, and government in community affairs revolve around a commitment to the the preservation of “small town America.” These traditional values in the midst of a bustling, thriving, progressive business environment are evidence the people of Farmington have not forgotten their roots and are proud to live and work in “The City of Tradition and Progress.”
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Missouri’s Parkland The Great Escape!

Residents of Farmington enjoy easy access to some of Missouri’s most beautiful parks and wildlife areas. Farmington’s rich natural history is a vital part of the community. This portion of our web site provides links and information regarding these natural areas.

Clearwater Lake
Beautiful lake that offers boating, swimming, skiing, and fishing. A number of lodges, resorts and campgrounds can be found nearby.

Elephant Rocks State Park
Mile-Long, self guided, Braille trail for the visually impaired has 22 Braille-English signs describing the natural features of the 1.2 billion-year-old Elephant Rocks. Facilities and activities include picnicking and fishing

Fort Davidson State Historic Site
Scene of the Civil War Battle of Pilot Knob in1864. Confederate troops attacked the fort and over 1,000 men were killed or wounded in the battle which ended in defeat for the Confederates. Facilities and activities include a visitor center and picnicking, open year round.

Hawn State Park
Set in the eastern-Ozark sandstone country, park is known for it’s magnificent pine-trees and wild Azaleas. Features one mile backpacking trails and regular visits by park naturalist. Activites include camping and picnicking.

Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park
Over eons of time, the Black River has carved canyon-like gaps, or shut-ins, in some of the state’s oldest exposed rock. More than 900 species of plants and wildflowers occur in the park. Activities include camping, hiking, and picnicking.

Lake Wappepello State Park
Campgrounds, hiking, backpacking trails, housekeeping cabins, and picnicking.

Millstream Gardens Conservations Area
St.Francois River flows through shut-ins to create the only white water in Missouri, used by kayakers in the spring. One-mile hiking trail along the river provides views of landscape as well as various woodland life.

Missouri Mines Historic Site
Milling complex used by St.Joe Minerals Corp during a time in which MIssouri’s “Lead Belt” produced nearly 80% of the nation’s mined lead. Mill is being restored at the site and includes a mining museum.